At beginning of Heisei 21st, Master Isao Machii was requested demonstration of Cutting steel pipe for a TV program that is called "The Best house 123".

Traditional Japanese sword could cut a steel pipe without problem according to many stories in sword world.

Master Machii is one of the best sword man who is holding 5 Guinness world record. and many people and himself thought that cutting steel pipe is not a big problem.

so, Master Machii prepared a RJT (Rikugun Jumei Tosho) Katana 2 shaku 1 sun for this event.

RJT is a ww2 military sword which was inspected by Japanese military. It had to test that cutting 10mm width 1mm thickness steel plate. The sword should be guaranteed.

Master Machii tried (at his house) with 15mm width 2mm thickness steel plate on Keyaki wooden stand, and He sowing down at it.

When the blade hit the object, made high sound "chiiiin!!" and the blade was flying to sky and fall down by his right side.

He and audience at that place didn't understand what was happening at moment. but, It was broken. All of them were shocked, it was so easy to break !!

Is Cutting steel by Japanese sword only fantasy ???!!!

TV stuff start to worry about making a programc.

Master Machii offered " How about making a new sword for this event by Modern smith ?, I know a good smith."

His name is Masahira Fujiyasu.

Masahira Fujiyaku, real name is Masahiro
Born in Nov. 10th 1946
Student of Miyairi Yukihira since 1966
Award Doryoku-sho at 8th Shinsakuto-ten 1972
Independ smith since 1975
Award : 3 x Yushu-sho, 6 x shorei-sho, 7 x Doryoku-sho and NBTHK Kaicho-sho on 1990.
Masahira is an important student of (passed) National treasure sword smith Miyairi Akihira. He created a way discovering Koto(old sword). His sword looks like Koto (the sword earlier than 16th century) without examine Nakago. perfect balance of hardness and flexibility, very hard to brake. and beauty as an art sword.

We had only about one month for prepare, however, the sword smith Masahira himself would like to try such an interesting test, so, He did make 4 swords for try out.

After breaking one(RJT) sword, we use Helmet and google for safety for first trying Masahira sword.

Master Machii tried 20-30 times with a few different kind of steel pipes and plates. Masahira sword has never broken, It couldn't break even if he tried...

After hard test, The sword smith Masahira was slimed for his sword as his child.

" for movie shooting, I don't need Helmet and google for using Masahira's Katana. I have confidence with his sword, I can relay on my life with this sword. said Master Machii to TV stuff.

Result !? As you see on TV program. Great success ! Masahira sword with Master Machii is just like a fish in the water. The sword was cut the steel pipe without bend, twist or ant damage !

The blade with clear mark by cutting.
*The line on the cutting edge is not Hagire(or damage).

Master Machii has great admiration as Yamaura Masao of modern !
He gave this sword a name "Ren Tekkangiri Masahira".

Nakago of "Ren Tekkangiri Masahira"

Please order Art sword by Masahira Fujiyasu.@¨@
Tanto in Shirasaya from 600.000JPY, Katana/Tachi from 2.500.000JPY.
We would like to produce and preserve Masahira sword, Art sword and Budo-sword.

Budo-sword Masahira katana in Koshirae. (2 shaku 5 sun, max)

Buyo-sword, Toshikazu forged Masahira Saijin Katana in Koshirae. (2 shaku 5 sun, max)


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