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Now, You can purchase the sword made by Fujiyasu Masahira, highly recommended by Master Machi Isao the founder of Shuuinryu Iai-jutsu hyoho. with reasonable price.

Normaly, to produce one art sword, the smith would make 2-3 blades and chose the best one for thee order.
Ofcause, the the material Tamehagane and charcoal etc. would cost as well, it makes the art sword pricy.
so, we could make one blade for each Budo-sword to reduce the price of each sword.

The difference between art sword and Budo-sword is that the art sword should be perfectly flawless, however, the Budo-sword could be less perfect, such as small Kizu (small laminate opening etc.), Process and material are same and no compromise.

Standard Bu-yo (for the Budo) Masahira Katana, 2 shaku 4 sun 5 bu(74.235cm) (max)
*Tsuka : Hand made with Ho wood, Oya-zame (same with star) Fukugo-gise. Hineri-maki with Silk Ito.
*Saya : Hand shaped with Ho-wood, Cashew paint, with Horn Kojiri.
*Fittings : Casted Modern fittings.
*Polish : Hand Polished for Iai.
*Habaki/Seppa : Copper, Hand made.

Price : 1.500.000 (, the price price would be changed, depend on the order such as changing fitting etc,.)

* Extra length, thickness of the blade, Silver Habaki, Leather Tsuka-maki, custom Saya-nuri or other any custom order with Extra cost by request.

Reasonable option for Gassaku Masahira Katana, highly recommended by Master Isao Machii the founder of Shuushinryu Iai-jutsu hyoho.

This sword is forged by Masahira together with Toshikazu. and Yakiire by master Msahira. It is called "Gassaku". It is only makes the price lower, the quality of the blade is same as the master sword. Also, used lower cost Saya.

Masahira Saijin Katana 2 shaku 4 sun 5 bu(74.235cm) (max)
*Tsuka : Ho wood Handmade, Same without star. Cotton Moro-hineri-maki.
*machine made Saya, Cashew paint.
*Fittings : Modern cast.
*Polish : standard Hand polish for Iai.
*Habaki : Copper Hand made.
*Seppa : Ready-made.

Price : 1.000.000JPY (excl. tax)

* Extra length, thickness etc, Silver Habaki, Leather Tsuka-maki, custom Saya-nuri or any other custom order with Extra cost by request